Many shamanic and magical techniques rely on our ability to visualize something in our mind’s eye. For instance, for people who have difficulty doing out-of-body travel, visualization or the use of imagination is an excellent doorway through which to get started. But what if you have difficulty visualizing something? That is, what if you can’t see and hold a steady image in your mind’s eye?

We just returned from a wonderful workshop with dowser and healer Harold McCoy and learned a wonderful technique that anyone can use to practice visualization. This technique allows you to use your familiar surroundings and everyday objects to get started. Here’s how you do it:

1. Sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and count backwards silently from 10 to 1. As the numbers decrease you will slip into a healthy meditative state.

2. Now visualize yourself walking to your refrigerator. If you are away from your house, see yourself walking through the front door and through your home to the refrigerator. If you are at home, see the path you would take to get to the refrigerator.

3. Once you are in front of your refrigerator, visualize yourself opening the door. Look at what’s inside. What’s on the top shelf? What’s on the second shelf?

4. Look for a familiar object, like a gallon of milk or a chunk of cheese. You may not be able to see the writing on the label of this object, but you will see the clear outline and distinct shape of it.

5. Now pick up the item and move it to another shelf, and then close the refrigerator door.

6. Move back to your sitting place (if you’re not at home just walk out your front door and find yourself back at your sitting place). Open your eyes.

We loved how easy this technique was for everyone to master. Using familiar objects as landmarks for visualization makes the whole experience comfortable and simple because everyone knows what the refrigerator looks like (and most of what’s in it!). Try this technique and enjoy!

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