Do you ever think about the choices you would make if you were given the opportunity to live your life all over again? What kinds of career, relationship, health or life choices would you make? Would you make different choices?

Would it surprise you to learn that you might not? According to many ancient parables most people on this planet have a very difficult time doing anything different. One story, written by P. D. Ouspensky, tells of how a man named Ivan was given the opportunity to relive his life. He swore he would live a better, brighter and more uplifted life the second time around. Guess what? He didn’t. When he began his second lifetime his resolve weakened and he fell prey to the same forces and temptations that caught him the first time around.

Sound familiar? It’s a longer version of the New Year’s Resolution Game that most of us play annually. We make all kinds of plans but we don’t seem to achieve very many of them. Why not? Because on this planet we are faced with a constant stream of distractions. On a daily basis we have to resist social scripting, peer pressure, gossip, negativity, FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), lack, expectations and authority figures. We’re forced to run on the hamster wheel of life until we discover how to step off.

How do we get off the wheel? With the help of a community of like-minded friends. There is strength in numbers when it comes to intention. When two or more people put their attention and intention on the same goal, the same wish, the same dream… then miracles happen.

Sound good? Then join us! In the online version of the Basic Magic Class, you can share experiences and chat with others taking the course at the same time.