Help from the Universe … so many people need it these days. People doing the best they can to cope with mental and emotional stress, unemployment, worry about the economy, and lots more.

Most people need help from the Universe but have no idea how to go about getting some. They have no clue how to ask the universe for help.

No worries … magic is real and the Universe does want to help! You just have to ask, and there are so many forms of asking.

Help from the Universe – Why You Don’t Get Any
The big secret of getting help from the Universe isn’t a big secret at all: the Universe already knows that you need help … all you have to do is ask.

For instance, if you are low on money and want to ask the Universe for help filling your checking account, no worries. Help from the Universe is only a question away. You can ask your question using some magical tribal form, or you can ask during a meditation … or you can just go outside and shout for help.

It all works! The Universe isn’t deaf or dumb … it’s just waiting for you to ask for help. Yup, you heard me. The “missing link” in all of this is that most of the time we forget to ask the Universe for help.

Why? Because usually we are too busy sitting on the pity pot, too crazy working our fingers to the bone, or too preoccupied thinking that the Universe doesn’t care about little ‘ole us down here.

Well … it’s time to get over all that!

Help from the Universe – How to Ask
You, of course, can pick any method for asking and getting help from the Universe. The Universe is very flexible and willing, so almost any form will do. Even the occasional temper tantrum works well … at least it has for plenty of us who have tempers!

But, if you’re not into temper tantrums, here is a sure-fire way to get help from the Universe.

Write, Light, and Be Bright!
1. Write
First, write down what you want as precisely as possible while still allowing the Universe some flexibility in delivering on your desires. For instance, if you need some money, write down a range of dates by which you would like for money to arrive. Write down a range of dollars, such as “between $1,000 and $2,000.” Be sure to specify that the money should be “legally free and clear with no penalties” and you might want to include other directives such as that there should be no death, loss of property, or harm to another being as a result of the Universe granting this request! Think your request through thoroughly as to exactly what you want to have delivered and what conditions you do not want to occur as a result.

2. Light
Next, put the paper on a plate under a Sun Yellow candle. Put the whole shebang in front of you as you sit in the South facing North. Light the candle with a paper or wooden match. When the flame has settled into a tall and steady state, cup your hands around the flame and say this verse in a voice of command:

“Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit
And Bring My Aim!”

You can repeat the phrase three to seven times if you like. Leave the candle burning for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. At the end of that time, blow out the candle. Blowing rather than snuffing the flame “sends” your request to the Universe. Repeat this ritual every single day for 30-40 days.

3. Be Bright
While the Universe is working on delivering your request, your job (aside from doing the Sun Candle Ritual) is to be bright. In other words, keep an open mind and open heart. Look for possible signs that your request is coming to you. Appreciate where you are. Avoid being a Doubting Thomas. Find as much peace and joy as you can find.

Be bright … the Universe has a much easier time delivering to a bright and joyful recipient. After all, one of our “jobs” on this planet is to “sound a joyous note to Creator’s ear” (according to the Hopis). So you do your job of being bright and performing the ritual and you will get help from the Universe without a doubt.

Amaze and surprise yourself by following these directions. Magic is real and it does work. Getting help from the Universe isn’t difficult … and it’s so much more fun than sitting on the pity pot! You’ll find lots of other techniques and rituals to co-create with the Universe in our ebooks, Kindle books, and online courses.


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