This article goes out to all those people who are beginning to receive and use their magical powers. As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age more and more of us will experience huge increases in our psychic, magical and shamanic abilities.

While we definitely find these powers useful in our lives we can also find the transition period a little startling and confusing. In fact, as our powers and abilities grow we might find our world becoming downright chaotic. It’s not unusual to experience odd bits of chaos like phones and electronics breaking down, car wrecks, missed appointments, forgetfulness or crossed wires during these times.

If this is happening in your life you need to take some time to get grounded. These new abilities take a while to settle in and they usually require you to make adjustments in body, mind and Spirit. If you take a little time to slow down and enjoy the process you will find you attract much less chaos and learn to use your abilities much faster!

There are at least 25 magical or shamanic tools that help you ground. Here are two to get you started:

1. Rescue Remedy: The best universal quick-fix in the world. Anytime you started to feel panicked, out of control, traumatized or just plain nuts on any level, 4 drops under the tongue will set you straight again.

2. Breathe: Another quick fix! Take 3 minutes to do nothing but breathe. Let thoughts come and go but don’t hang on to them. Focus on the breath moving in and out of your body. Focus on your physical sensations to get back in your body again.

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