eyeThe first time I met someone who could stare straight into my soul, a Buddhist master, I almost ran and hid under the sofa. That feeling that all my secrets were laid bare before him was one of the scariest feelings I have ever experienced. Yet, as time has gone on, I’ve become more accustomed to the use of Spirit perceptics–those senses that we all possess as spiritual beings. With the development of my psychic or spiritual senses, I realized that I, too, could look at someone and see beyond what they projected. While I don’t use these skills to probe or uncover what others are hiding, having psychic abilities does prevent people from puling the wool over your eyes or sneaking up on you physically or psychically. Psychic development also helps you communicate with others at a spiritual level, which is helpful when face-to-face communication doesn’t work. Psychic skills have so many benefits, including:

  • making contact with the Universe
  • divination
  • healing work
  • communication

You Are Psychic
Everyone has psychic abilities. Some people are naturally gifted in this area and others need to practice to hone their abilities. If you are in the 2nd category, as most are, before embarking on the journey of developing your psychic abilities, it works best to prepare yourself. This preparation will help you develop your abilities to their full potential. Activities that will help you prepare include:

  • Doing a simple meditation
  • Participating in a moving practice (like yoga, tai-chi, or even daily walks)
  • Practicing avoiding negative emotions
  • Changing one small habit

Changing One Small Habit
These first 3 are probably things you are at least a bit familiar with so let’s talk about the 4th – changing one small habit. According to Universal Law “A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future.” By changing a small habit in now-time, you pave the way for larger changes in your magical life in the future. Using your psychic abilities will be a change in your future, so prepare yourself by changing some small things now. By practicing this you will change your habitual thought patterns to allow new ideas and inspirations in the future and by sticking with small changes you won’t run into resistance. All you have to do is find small changes to make that you don’t usually think about. For example, use a different hand from the one you usually use to brush your hair, teeth or open a door, wear your socks wrong side out, sit in a different seat than you usually do or get up on the opposite side of the bed from the side you usually do. Anything that is different and a small change that you can make will work. No one else has to know about these changes if that is something that would make you self-conscious. Most of these changes will not be noticeable to anyone but you.

Get started in preparing yourself to develop your psychic abilities. Then when you are ready to really get serious about learning how to bring out your abilities and use them, take a look at our Psychic Development ebook. It will give you more information on preparation and exercises to practice that will get you on your way to being able to use these magical abilities to enhance your life.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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