by Alan Joel

Years ago I had gone through one of the most intense periods of my life – having spent three months on the East Coast, exiled from my home in Colorado, engaged in open warfare to claim the “love of my life” against all odds, including hostile parents. Finding myself on the return road to sanity, traveling across Interstate 70, at daybreak on a lovely August morning, I had completed an all night drive from Cleveland, at a rest stop somewhere mid-Nebraska. Tether, my constant doggie companion and I, could go no farther without replenishing our depleted life force accumulators, and this seemed to be the place, as the sky was opening up again, an often remembered experience when one drives West out of the density of the East. As I sat in meditation, the thought came to my mind, “I will sit here until I get a sign that all will be OK with us.” Of course, I was considering that in spite of all the confusion of the last months, that Beth would soon join me in Colorado, and that my nightmares of losing her would end. But that is the subject of another story altogether.

I sat there in the early morning chill, only in shorts and tee-shirt, realizing for the first time, only my opinion about the discomfort of the cold could make me uncomfortable. Is this not indeed, an appropriate metaphor for my life? With my eyes shut, my mind just beginning to relax after so many weeks of mortal combat, I sought the peace of eternity. Suddenly without any warning, my whole left side from head to waist was embraced, or perhaps brushed by something totally unexplainable! My impression was that of many feathers, soft as velvet, yet warm and glowing holding me, just for a moment. And in that moment, ever so brief, as though time and space were suspended, I felt, I knew, I was free! I was whole again, there were no more conflicts. My mind could only assume that somehow Tether had come over and rubbed up against me, yet that seemed ridiculous. Opening my eyes, there was Tether, ten feet away, lying down and staring at me! I knew, against all belief to the contrary, I had been touched by an Angel!

So many years and experiences later, that single event has never been repeated, and yet I work with Angels frequently, in other ways. What is it that so limits our world view that most of us cannot perceive all these unseen Beings that surround us? What is it that prevents us from challenging the inheld beliefs that cut us off from our Search of the Miraculous? It is my wish to explore this very question, along with some perhaps startling solutions in a mini-series of articles, so be on the alert!

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