Stop FEAR by looking in the mirror

girl in mirrorAs we continue with our discovery guide to magic (see our blog for previous articles in this series), we must examine how fear and doubt prevent magic from being present in our lives. This is because any form of negativity exists in the past or in the future and this includes fear and doubt. Let’s take the example of fear. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. When you are fearful you are either reliving a past fearful event that has already happened or you are projecting a future event that you are afraid will occur. Present time events can trigger and pull in memories of past events, but the real fear exists either in the past or in the present. Fear is always about the past or the future, which means that you are mentally and emotionally dragged into the past and future. But fear cannot exist in the present unless you are in a situation such as being held at gunpoint or facing a mountain lion. Most daily fear is in our minds. If we are engaged in negative feelings such as these we are going to attract more of the same by Universal law and we are going to block what the Universe is trying to deliver to us. One of the keys to leading a magical life free from fear and doubt is to learn to live in the present.

Ritual to Come Back to Present Time
To alleviate fear you simply need to bring yourself back to present time. Here’s a magical solution to bringing yourself back to present time.
1. Stand in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes without blinking or looking away.

2. Use a voice of command with the full force of your intention behind it to say to yourself aloud “Come to Present Time”. This commands you into present time.

3. Stop and take note of your state. Are you feeling less fearful, less doubtful or less negative? If not repeat these steps again. Repeat until you feel relief from these negative feelings.

You may need to do this ritual several times before mind, body and Spirit all decide to come to present time and stay there. This is not only good practice, it prepares all three of these parts to respond to your command and be more likely to snap back to present quicker the next time you do this ritual. This ritual is not only good for getting yourself back under control and into present time, but you can use it on others. Instead of using a mirror, you are the mirror and look deep into the other person’s eyes, then give the command.

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