Dowsing Predictions from Polly Cady

Dowsing is a very old way of finding water but you can also dowse for answer to what will happen to you. Predictions? Dowsing is like a prayer, you pray and ask for an answer and you wait for a sign. Then a bird comes at an unexpected time and you have your sign. We as Dowsers use willow sticks, pendulums and muscle testing for their answers and get the same results as praying.

For these predictions I used muscle testing because the body does not lie. I took my thumb and my index finger and held them together. I then took the finger from the other hand and tried to break my fingers apart. On a “yes” answer I could not break my fingers apart and on the “no” answer I could.

People have been calling me lately for the answers to what else is going to happen on this planet so I did some dowsing. Here are some recent questions from clients and my dowsed answers:

Is California going to be next?
The answer is “yes”.

Is there going to be an earthquake in California?
Well, now that is an open question because on a daily basis they have earthquakes. So I asked again and asked if they are going to have a major earth quake very soon? The answer is “no”. California will have some really bad weather though, through most of the winter.

Are people ready for all the earth changes?
The answer is “no”.

Are all these storms acts of God?
“No”. I then asked, “Could you be a little clearer on this?” and the answer was “no”. I asked if it was good for me to know? The answer was “no” so I quit asking and went on to another question.

Will other parts of the United States be affected by similar weather?
The answer is a huge “yes”. There will be storms, tornados, and earthquakes, but not big ones. There will be wind all over the United States. The coast will have more storms and more damage. New York will stand this year and then we will see what happens.

Can we change the effect of all of this weather on the world?
The answer is “no”. Some of this weather is needed for all the changes that are necessary to save this planet.

Are we going to save this planet?
The answer is “no”. I asked if it is to be saved? “No”. Is this planet an experiment planet? “No”. Do we have a chance to save it? “Yes”. Can we still have a last chance? “Yes”. Will we? “No”. Will life go on as humans someplace else? “Yes”. Will it be better? The answer was an unsolved yes and no, which means maybe. So I asked if it depends on what we have learned and the answer was “no”.


More recently, I went back and asked more questions. Answers as follows:

Economic recession?
The answer is “no”. Will we come out of this and have money again? “Yes”. Will we ever be as strong as we were? “No”. Will the poor stay poor and the rich richer? This was not a clear answer. I asked again: Will there always be the poor? “Yes”. Is it a choice? “Yes”. Will we learn to change it? “No”.

What about our kids. Will they have a world to live in?
“Yes”. Can they change it? “No”. Will the adapt? “No”. Will they survive? “Yes”.

By 2012 will we become more advanced Humans and understand this whole picture?

I read in a book that we would come closer to spirit, Is this true?

How about 2025 — will we still be on this planet?

Am I to ask more questions?
“No”. Would it be a good thing if others asked questions and got answers? Again I did not receive a clear answer. So I left it at that and it sounded as if my session was over so I asked and it would not give me a yes or a no – meaning no more questions.

Remember these are broad questions and at times I could go for hours. How true are the answers? As true as believing they are and believing in a power that is greater than you (or maybe it is you). You do know the answers without ever asking how. Don’t you? Answer “Yes”!

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