There are lots of ways to enhance and increase your psychic abilities, and one of the easiest ways is to increase the quantity and quality of water energy in your life. In magical terms, the element water is associated with Spirit, emotions, and feelings -and emotions are known as the “language of Spirit.” So increasing the element water in your life will also increase and enhance your Spirit or psychic abilities.

How do you increase the water in your life? Any way you can. Drink more water, take long and luxurious baths, wear water blue clothes, or paint your walls water blue. You can also buy a fountain for your room, walk by running water, or walk in the rain. Physical water is the lower octave of psychic water, and when you immerse yourself regularly in physical water, you’ll begin to awaken your psychic water. You can also burn water-element incenses, such as rose, lotus, or hibiscus, while you meditate.

On another level, the best way to increase your psychic water is to live in the feeling of the water element. Since water is the element of feeling and not thinking, the more time you spend in feeling the more psychic you will become. As a society, we tend to over think. We start our sentences with, “I think,” and answer questions with, “I’ll think about it.” Magically, thinking precludes psychic powers. The more you think, the less psychic you’ll be. So, practice feeling more and thinking less. Meditate, hum, sing, feel, or move your body — all these things help you think less and feel more. Enjoy!