We’ve gotten a lot of emails and requests lately from people needing information from the Universe about what’s going on their lives. Whether they have loved ones in Iraq or lots of fender benders, people need info! In answer to those emails, we thought we’d bring out an old but true way to get info from the Universe — asking the Spirit of Owl.

The Owl totem has all of the best qualities of physical owls: they can see extremely well, can hear extremely well, can turn their heads 180 (eyes in the back of their heads), are wise and are excellent hunters. If you need someone to hunt down some information for you, Owl is the one to turn to. Here’s how you work with Owl:

1. Say aloud or in your mind, “Spirit of Owl, I request your help.”

2. Wait a few moments until you feel the presence of Owl (no more than a few seconds).

3. State your request. For instance, if you need help seeing what’s causing the fender benders in your life, you might say, “Owl, please come with me today and show me what is causing these accidents in my life. Please show me in a way that I can clearly understand. Thank you in advance for your help.” As with the angels, appreciation is important.

4. Stay open to what Owl will show you. Owl will ride with you on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, giving you knowing and understanding where before you had only blindness and confusion. Owl may bring up old memories, send you a phrase from the mouth of a stranger or bring a chance meeting with another person. Owl will use any and every device to help you see.

If at the end of the stated period of time, a day in the above example, you still don’t understand what Owl is showing you, ask again the next day. Each day Owl will make it more obvious to you. Each time you gain a new insight or understanding, thank Owl for the help. Remember that Owl penetrates secrets and veils, and can show you anything you wish to know. All you have to do is ask!