Most of us have heard the old “Mirror, mirror on the wall” fairy tale, in which a magical mirror on the wall provides all kinds of information not readily available to the five sense. Wouldn’t that be nice if we had that kind of mirror on the wall in our own lives?

In search of this magical mirror, many people try all kinds of different methods for divination. Divination is the obtaining of information not readily available to the five senses. Since there are so many forms of divination out there – from Ouija boards to crystal balls – how can you tell which one is most effective? Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

– Ouija Boards: Definitely NOT recommended. The answers you get through this kind of board are often from mischievous spirits preying on your hopes and fears.

– Pendulums: A good source of information if you’re a good detective. Pendulums can give you a wide range of answers (from yes/no to numbers and locations). Use a keyed plate and white or sun yellow candles on either side of the plate to protect the reading from outside influences. Practice increases your affinity with the pendulum, which increases accuracy.

– Crystal Balls: Definitely NOT recommended. The spherical structure can literally “suck” your spirit right out of your body, trapping you inside the crystal with no way out. It’s much safer to use a chalice or a water bowl.

– Firebowls or Chalices: A good way to get images, moving pictures or communication from non-physical beings. Look into the smoke of a firebowl or the surface of a dark liquid in a chalice. While this gives you good information, it’s best to verify it with another form of divination.

– Tarot: The tarot is an excellent way to do divination, though it takes a bit of studying to become proficient. Generally, the three decks we recommend are the Waite-Rider (for beginners), Morgan Greer or Thoths decks.

– Runes: Also a good way to get information though the information tends to need a lot of interpretation, much like the tarot.

– Water Bowls: Water bowls are “bowls” of water formed by your own psychic energy. This form is extremely safe and accurate, and doesn’t require you to have any tools. To learn how to do a water bowl, order the “Magical Element Water” home study course.

There are many more forms of divination out there – too many to discuss in any detail in this article. However, with most forms of divination, the more you practice the more accurate your results will be. When you begin working with divination tools and techniques, start by divining events or situations in the near future – they are easier to read and give you a positive or negative result very quickly. As your skills improve, begin extending your reach further and further into the future. Good luck and have fun!