We’re currently in the midst of teaching a powerful Psychic Development Course where students are fine-tuning their abilities of inner sight and inner listening. Through various exercises, we’re all learning to tune out the external world and focus on the tastes, sounds, messages, and sights of our inner world. All of these exercises bring to mind a simple exercise that we learned years ago for developing inner attention.

The exercise is as follows: Choose to blindfold yourself once a day and focus on the inner sights and sounds that come to you during this period of time. For instance, you might choose to blindfold yourself during a meditation or while listening to music. Obviously you don’t want to be too physically active during this period of time — no driving or running around!

One of the best ways to sharpen your inner listening is to blindfold yourself during a lengthy phone conversation. As you talk to the other person on the phone, listen for any inner messages and watch your inner movie screen. The other person may be describing an incident that happened at work—see if a visual of that incident appears in your mind’s eye. The ability to “see” coherently without the use of your physical eyes is one of the keys to psychic development.

Alternatively, a random thought or story about the person may float into your mind. You’ll be surprised to discover that many times these thoughts or stories are true. Don’t judge anything that comes into your awareness. Just go with the flow and allow snippets of information to come to you.

Later, after you’ve practiced this exercise for a while, you can take it one step further by visiting a public place like a bus station, library, restaurant or mall. Without blindfolding yourself, focus and attempt to sense people behind you or not in your visual field. Feel their energy. Then sink into that quiet place within yourself and tune into the messages there. The more you open this psychic channel of communication the more messages will come through to you. Enjoy!

Please see our Psychic Development eBook if you are interested in learning how to train your psychic abilities further.