If you ask most mystics, saints, shamans or magicians about their daily life, you will find that most have a daily practice around which their lives revolve. No matter what’s going on in their lives, these people follow some daily practice that reinforces and increases their understanding of the Universe and its laws. But why? Because they know that a daily practice helps them stay connected to their aims and birth vision.

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” In this day and age of television, internet, rampant consumerism and lightning-speed communication, it’s very easy to get distracted. You may wake up on New Year’s Day and promise yourself that your life will be different this year, but within a few weeks you’ll probably find yourself reliving the same old situations as the year before.

The way to stay on track with your aims and not get distracted is to develop some kind of daily practice around which your life revolves. That practice becomes like a maypole, a central focus in your life that keeps your grounded and in touch with your aim. No matter what’s going in your life, you’ll find that if you stick to your practice, you will have a much better chance of staying on track. Esoteric teachers are fond of saying, “If you take care of your practice, it will take care of you.”

So what should your practice be? It really depends on your own personal preferences. However, most of these kinds of practices involve some form of getting in touch with higher powers and beings. It might include meditation, yoga, reading of inspirational materials, greeting the four directions morning and night, or simply spending a few minutes each morning appreciating all that life has to offer. Whatever you choose for your practice, keep it simple. If you make your practice too complicated or arduous, you’ll find it too difficult to do it consistently.

Stick to your practice for 30 days in a row and you will be astounded at the results and at your feeling of inner peace. Plant your maypole and joy will blossom in your life!