We get lots of emails from people asking us to help with some messy life problem that’s all tangled up with lots of people and things and events and places. People think that magick can solve these problems. And magick CAN solve these problems. However, the level of the problem and the magickal ability of the person with the problem do not match. Usually the problem is a 1,000 pound gorilla and the person dealing with the problem has a tiny wand and a little bit of magickal knowledge. Now don’t get us wrong. We have seen David conquer Goliath magickally any number of times. But it doesn’t happen often enough to gamble on. So instead, we focus on the two magickal principles that anyone can use to conquer (or at least diminish) massive problems: simplicity and consistency.

Simplicity is the magickal principle that says “A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future.” Can you feel the power in that? You make a teeny tiny change in your life right here and right now, and you can expect a bigger change in the future. Guaranteed.

Then there is consistency. If the problem in your life isn’t a 1,000 pound gorilla, or you are not interested in speeding up the process of fixing the problem, you can skip this next principle. But we don’t recommend it. Most people don’t have enough force to undo their problems without consistency. What is the magickal principle of consistency? Simple. “What you pay into your practice pays you back.” Practicing one single intentional act (and every intentional act is a magickal act) at the same time every day for 40 days will help you beat that 1,000 pound gorilla much more easily.

The One Magickal Thing
Adding simplicity and consistency to your life can be done with this simple magickal exercise. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Choose a very simple act that you will do every day. Keep it very SIMPLE as in making a mark on a piece of paper, touching your nose with your index finger, saying a particular word out loud or any one of thousands of other simple, simple acts. Just pick one.

2. Choose an exact time that you will do this act every day. Make it a time that you will be likely to remember easily. If you have a demanding job with lots of distractions, then don’t pick a time at work. Pick a time that you will most likely have the time and remember to do the act.

3. After choosing your simple act and a time you will do it each day, do it. Do it every single day for 40 days in a row.

4. If you miss a day, you have to start over at Day 1. Even if you make it to Day 38 and then forget the next day, you start over at Day 1.

While this exercise is simple in itself, the trickier part for everyone is making it to the 40 day mark. This is the part that develops the consistency. When you miss a day (and I’ve never known anyone that didn’t), just know it is all part of the process and you’re getting even more practice at consistency, don’t bother beating yourself up about it and by all means, don’t quit. The 40 days is set as a parameter to aim for, and like much else in spiritual work it is really the journey that is the important thing, not the end destination. When you are ready to move on to bringing even more magick to your life, check out our Kindle books – magic for the digital age that fits into your schedule.

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