Many of the aspects of daily life that we take as ordinary are actually magical in origin. Our founding fathers, for one, were magical practitioners and knew a few tricks. Here are three different examples of magic in our ordinary world:

Dollar Bill
Did you know that the dollar bill is full of magical symbols? For instance, the pyramid and eye symbol with the radians all around it is a magical symbol that keeps the dollar bill moving from hand to hand. It’s part of what keeps our economy moving, people buying and money changing hands!

Half Shields in Martial Arts
If you’re a fan of martial arts movies, you’ll remember seeing people move their hands in front of them from left to right. That’s not just an elegant martial arts move. That movement actually sets up an energetic half shield that repels attacks!

Nursery Rhymes
Many of the nursery rhymes that our children learn in school were actually spells that were created for specific purposes. For example, the Goosey-Goosey-Gander game or rhyme was a spell that set up a watcher in a castle. An energy matrix in the form of a goose would follow people around and watch their movements. The Jack-and-Jill rhyme was a spell to depose the King and Queen of England, and the Little Miss Muffet rhyme was also a watching spell. Pretty amazing, huh?

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