If you’ve been reading spiritual books as long as I have, then you’ve probably stumbled upon that concept that you can create your own reality. It’s a powerful concept. It can also be a scary concept or a doubtful one.

After all, if we really do create of our own reality wouldn’t we all be rich and famous by now? And what’s the story with creating debt, fender benders, chronic illness, and pimples? Don’t we know better? Are we really the creators here or is this some cosmic joke being foisted on us by religious and spiritual leaders?

If you harbor doubts in this area try a few small experiments in creation. An easy way to start is to call something specific into your experience. When you get up in the morning, randomly pick a word, object, or event that you want to attract into your life that day. It should be small and inconsequential, and not something that’s ordinarily a part of your life.

For instance, you might pick “kangaroo” or “shoe shine” or “Charles Dickens” (assuming it’s not Christmas time). Focus on the word, object, or event for a few moments. Tell the Universe to bring it to you. See it coming to you during your day. See yourself recognizing it.

During your day, stay open to everything around you. You may hear what you’ve asked for in a passing conversation or you may read it in a random magazine you pick up at the doctor’s office. You might see a shoe shine in a barber shop or pass a bookstore featuring Charles Dickens.

The first time I tried this experiment I asked for “cherries.” Most of the day passed—no cherries. Just as I started to get discouraged, my husband charged in the door and said, “Check this out! The store just started carrying cherry cream soda!” I burst out laughing because I was so delighted and relieved that I could actually create something in my life, even if it was just cherries.

The key to this experiment is to keep it simple and fun! When you can laugh and enjoy your life fully the Universe is an entirely willing and able participant. Ask for something different yet equally inconsequential each day. Be delighted when it comes into your life. Most of all relax and have fun. It’s an experiment in joy!