It seems like everyone is talking about personal power these days – even business gurus at motivational seminars – but what is personal power really? Magically, personal power is the ability to create specific effects in your environment. The more personal power you have the easier it becomes for you to manifest what you want.

Magicians and shamans are always looking for ways to maintain and increase their personal power by adding new techniques, perspectives and tools to their tool bags. This gives them the ability to handle everything from pimples to weather to world problems.

What would more personal power look like in your life? You would be able to handle angry bosses, traffic jams, boring jobs, arguing kids and shortages of money. How? With a magical bag of tricks: angels and sylphs to help you in traffic jams, question circles for leads on better jobs, energy channeling to deflate angry bosses and conscious choices to release old beliefs around money.

Personal power is the birth right of every planetary citizen. Learn specific techniques about personal power, acts of power and more in the Everyday Magic Course, a powerful weekly email course. Get the details here.