Have you ever wondered what your relationship with the Universe really looks like? How do you relate to the Universe when it’s a concept, not a person? Is the Universe like a person or just an intelligent but detached force with which you can’t really develop a personal relationship?

If you’re already clear in your relationship to higher powers and beings (whether you call it God, Universe, Great Spirit or another name), we congratulate you. If you’re not sure, though, here’s a wonderful metaphor from Reverend Pamela Galadrial that might help you develop your own understanding of the Universe. This excerpt is from her book, “We Never Left the Garden.” Please substitute whatever word you feel appropriate for the word “God” that represents the higher force in your life.

“Once upon a time, a very long time ago (at least that how it feels), you and I knew who and what we are: the perfect extension of God’s love. We existed in a state of pure joy and perfect bliss. All we knew was unconditional love, and we were capable of nothing more. We knew that we were perfect. There was no separation, no time, no fear, no guilt, and no pain of any kind. We lived in a state of absolute harmony.

“One ‘day’ one of the children of God thought, ‘How would it be to feel like Mum and Dad? What would it be like to leave home and create my own world?’ This child decided to ‘run away from home’ and live her life as she wanted. She walked up the long stairway to her room, took out her little suitcase, and packed it with a few of her favorite belongings. Then she went downstairs and outside into the very large backyard. She crossed the patio and went to the lawn area where Dad had built a beautiful tree house. She climbed up into the tree house and declared: ‘There, I’ve done it, I’ve run away from home and now I am free to play just like Mum and Dad.’

“Day turned to night and dark clouds filled the sky. The child could still see the house until it started to rain. Thunder and lightning were right above her. She suddenly began to feel different. She wondered if Dad and Mum knew where she was. Would they be angry when they realized she had run away from home? She began to feel something she had never felt before: guilt. And, because she felt this new feeling, she started to question her decision about leaving home. She soon felt another new sensation: fear. The longer she stayed out in the tree house, the more fear she felt. She began to believe that she would be severely punished when she did go home. So she stayed out in the tree house, afraid to come in from the rain.

“In the meantime, Mother/Father God looked out from the main house to the tree house, knowing that their child was safe, having chosen to sleep outside that night. They did not know that the child was starting to experience new feelings. They only knew that she was safe and sound in the backyard.”

We hope you enjoyed this metaphor as much as we did when we first heard it. As always, please take what you like and leave the rest!