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About Magic


Q: What is Magic?

Magic is the science of first understanding and then using to our benefit the principles that govern this Universe. Everything in this Universe is comprised of a mixture of the four elements air, fire, water and earth. The study of magic is the study of these elements – their characteristics, their behaviors, the parts of the Universe that they govern, and their interaction with each other. Understanding and directly working with these elements allows us to understand anything in the Universe. When we understand something at such a precise level, we can create it. In short, Magic teaches us to understand and creating anything we choose in this Universe. Have you ever wanted to create or have or change something in your life? The study of magic is a precision science that allows you to create, have or change anything in your life – so long as you understand it in terms of the four elements. Learning how to create anything with Magic is like learning how to bake a cake. To bake a tasty cake, you need to know the ingredients that go into the cake, the quantities and proportions of each ingredient, the order in which to mix the ingredients (some ingredients don’t mix well with others) and the specific processes, such as flouring the bottom of the pan or setting the oven to a certain temperature. In Magic, instead of studying the ingredients and processes that go into baking a cake, we study the ingredients that go into, for instance:

  • Creating a headache or illness
  • Bringing clients to our business
  • Creating harmonious relationships
  • Attracting dollars and abundance into our lives
  • Developing feelings of joy or passion
  • Manifesting physical things, such as cars or homes

If what we are studying doesn’t please us, a headache, for example, we then study the ingredients to change the situation. While the word “Magic” may seem fanciful or bring up images of white rabbits and black hats, the study of Magic in this school is a precision science. The techniques taught in this school are verifiable, repeatable and precise. Unlike the many forms of “soft” magic that require you to be in a good place, the science of Magic is reliable whether you are in a good place or not. In fact, Magic is very effective at shifting you out of a negative state and into a positive one.

About the Esoteric School


Q: I’ve heard of other magical orders like Wicca and Druidism. How does what you teach compare to these?

There are many different forms of magical practice in existence, and many have originated from the same source. Much of what we teach is tribal knowledge that has been in existence for millions of years, and is the birthright of every planetary citizen. In more recent times, this knowledge is most closely aligned with the Order of the Golden Dawn, of which well-known magicians such as Crowley and Waite were members, and from which many current magical practices spring.

Our Products


Q: What kind of products do you offer?

Please visit our online store from the navigation menu to see the variety of magical and shamanic products we offer.

Q: Why is the shield only offered as a necklace instead of a ring?

The shield has a flow. When you receive your shield you also receive directions for how to key it. The flow lines used in keying would be interrupted if it were a ring. Also, the pendant and its protective properties were made to cover your heart/chest area. Think of it like this, if you were using a shield would you want it to cover your torso area or one of your fingers?

Q: Can I shower with my shield? Will the soap hurt it?

Absolutely. Water and soap will not harm or diminish your shield in any way. If you notice it has turned black and you have been in a chlorinated body of water you can simply remove the tarnish with silver cleaner.

Shipping and Payment Information

Q: Does the Esoteric School have other means of payment from foreign countries besides credit cards?

We will accept checks and/or money orders provided they are made out in USD (US Dollars). Note that our bank charges a $5 fee to exchange foreign currencies so please include that amount also. We also accept PayPal payments sent to Once we have received your check or money order we will send your products as well as an email confirmation and date your purchases were mailed.

Q: How secure is the Esoteric School’s billing system?

We process all payments through a secure SSL server and have never had any security issues. We keep all of your information strictly confidential and secure.

Q: What regulations apply to international shipping of course material?

The shipping regulations are country specific. Please check with your country’s customs department to ascertain the particular regulations.

Q: I have placed an order through the School store when can I expect it?

First check to see if your order is a physical product or in electronic format. If your order was in electronic format you will receive information on how to access the product with a password or receive a PDF file attached within 48 hours of placing your order. If your email system has a Spam filter that only allows you to accept certain emails please add to your list of accepted addresses or check your junk folder. If you have not received an email with this information within 48 hours email If your order is a physical product and you have paid by credit card or PayPal you will receive a confirmation through email within 48 hours giving you the date of shipment. Shipping is done through the US Postal service so please allow a reasonable number of days for delivery of a package. Be aware that International orders may require a longer time and may get held up in customs. If you have not received a package within two weeks after date of purchase please email If you have opted to pay by check or Money order your product will be shipped after three business days of receipt of funds and you will receive an email confirming shipment.

Q: What types of payments are acceptable?

The online Basic Magic classes offer the option of paying for the full class in advance, or paying for one level (10 classes) at a time. The options available and the exact amount of each options are listed on the registration page for that class. Students may pay for classes by money order, check, PayPal or credit card. Payments by credit card can be made by secure server on our website by accessing the link provided at class registration. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Store orders may also be paid for by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit cards.

Q: Can I make payments on Online Courses?

We do have longer courses for which payment can be made in increments. In an effort to help students defray costs we have broken down as many courses as possible into small segments. We suggest you look at taking an Elemental course such as Air, Fire, Water or Earth one at a time, paying for just one element at a time thereby helping to reduce the cost. The Basic Magic Course is also offered in 3 separate levels, we have a Kindle book series at Amazon, and ebooks in our online store. Please visit our Courses page to see what classes you might be interested in that fit into your current budget.

Age Limitations


Q: Why do I have to be 18 years old to attend class?

Unfortunately due to legal restrictions we are only able to sell our course materials to adults, people least 18 years of age. However, we welcome you to peruse and use all the free resources on our website.

Other Questions


Q: Can the Esoteric School’s site be posted to other groups, i.e. yahoo?

We are happy to have our site visitors share the site with others by posting links to the Esoteric School on yahoo and other group sites.

Q: Can I get emails from the Esoteric School if I live in another country?

As long as you are connected to the World Wide Web you certainly can.

Q: I would like to attend classes at a physical school location, do you know of any in my area?

We do not keep a list of esoteric schools. We are not aware currently of any physical location schools that are conducting classes similar to ours and chose our online and homestudy formats so we could serve a wide population.

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