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We believe that the more magick exists on the planet, the better the world will be. So we look for every chance to share the magick with as many people as we can, as often as we can. Many of the magickal resources on our site are free. Check out the:

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  • The 10 Magkical Quick Fixes Ebook: Download the ebook HERE (disregard the shipping as the book is completely FREE). OR sign-up for our free membership area and the free ebook will show up in your account automatically.
  • Or take the plunge into magickal learning beginning with study of the 4 elements. Email us at that you want to start with the Magickal Element Air course and we’ll send you a discount code to get this course for FREE. In addition to the online study, there will be a weekly teleconference that you can attend by phone to ask questions of one of our magical instructors and interact with other students. After completing the Air section, we’ll ask you to provide some type of public feedback with a review of the Kindle book, a testimonial, comment left on our Facebook page or blog, or some way for you to help spread the magick. In gratitude for this type of action, we will then offer you access to other courses to continue studying Basic Magic at no charge.

Enjoy your magickal free gifts and thank you for adding to the magick on the planet today!


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