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Dowsing and Handwriting Analysis


pollycady_small2 I am Polly Cady, a master dowser, graphologist, and spiritual counselor. I help people change and enhance their lives through graphotherapy, spiritual teachings, and a positive support system.

I learned how to dowse (what some people call water-witching or finding things with a pendulum) when I wanted to find out about water. My father was a plumber and he used his dowsing skills to find leaky pipes. Once I learned how to dowse, someone told me that I could use these talents to find out anything about my life, not just about water! I thought, “How exciting!” and started dowsing for myself and others. I’ve found that it’s 100% accurate.

I also use handwriting analysis to help people change their lives. I got into this art because my life was a mess and I didn’t have many options (I had five kids at home at that time). Well, graphology (or handwriting analysis) changed my life! I realized that I could change myself and my life by changing my
handwriting. I’ve been helping others do the same ever since. I hope you enjoy the information I have to share as much as I enjoy sharing it!

About Polly Cady

Polly Cady is a master dowser and founder of the National Chirography Association. She is an internationally known handwriting analyst (graphologist), motivational speaker on handwriting analysis and how to enhance your life by changing your handwriting, and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. She uses her skills as a graphologist and dowser to help attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement officials, businesses, school systems, as well as individuals who want to improve their lives on any level. She is a Master Dowser and a member of The Denver Dowsers Association.

Polly Cady has been a professional dowser for fourteen years. Her father was a plumber and a water witch who used his skills to find leaky pipes. As a girl, she snickered when she saw him handling L-rods, but then she became a handwriting analyst, picked up a dowsing pendulum and turned into a believer. Now she uses her talents not just to find water and relieve pain, but to find missing people, locate crime evidence and even shop.

“A lot of produce is genetically engineered,” she says. “So you can never tell what they put into it. But I can pick up a lemon, run a finger across it and see if it’s good for my body.”

Polly also practices her dowsing skills over the phone. She says, “I have bikers and truckers driving down the highway who hurt their backs. They’ll call me on the cell phone and say, ‘Polly, do your thing for me.'” What does she do? She writes the name of the caller on a slip of paper, grabs an anatomy chart from her desk, dowses the source of the caller’s pain and uses a pencil to release the bad energy.

“Dowsing is not just a tool to find water,” says Cady, who is president of a Montrose dowsing association. “It is an amazing tool to find answers. Nothing is hidden on this planet. Nothing.” Polly says you can use dowsing to find answers for anything from health problems to engine problems. Dowsing is a simple and effective method to access the information you’re after.

Polly is also involved with axeotonial, biomagnetics, and sells body essentials for health, including oils, exercise machines and Black Salve, to mention a few.

She counsels people on their handwriting through graphotherapy, spiritual teachings and a positive support system. She has been in business to help people succeed since 1990, and has lectured around the U.S. and taught classes of self help. She has also received a number of awards for volunteer work and assisted in community work, which has been very rewarding.

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