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Pamela Galadrial

I am Pamela Galadrial, a long time student and teacher of "A Course in Miracles", minister, psychic and spiritual counselor. When I wrote the book "We Never Left the Garden," I was seeking to discover what obstacles kept us from states of freedom, joy, and peace. I wanted to find new ways to of seeing things, and explore what moving beyond my comfort zone felt like. I used principles from "A Course in Miracles" to create a sort of how-to manual. I knew when I wrote the book that I was on my own journey to discovery and growth. Gratefully I no longer seek. A wonderful quote from "A Course in Miracles" is "Seek but do not find."

Now I am able to live the principles and practices I wrote about in "We Never Left the Garden" because I realize that we are not only all capable of living from a conscious state of love, but that we are that love. It is impossible to be anything else. The emotions of fear, guilt, and judgment which I used to see as paralyzing I now realize are expressions of that love. Love comes in a variety of forms and experiences. As we accept and embrace everything in our world we move into a place of freedom and peace, a place where we feel the love for every experience and feeling. We begin a "love affair" with all that is.

I hope you will enjoy your journey as much as I have enjoyed mine, and hope my offerings will help you both enjoy and use "A Course in Miracles" practically in your everyday life. Enjoy!

About Pamela Galadrial

Pamela Galadrial is a highly esteemed speaker and counselor. She is also an accomplished singer, actress and composer. Her clear insights and humorous approach, combined with her musical talents, have brought peace, joy and understanding to thousands throughout the world. In her profound and powerful book, We Never Left the Garden, she gently and convincingly reminds us of our perfect innocence and gives us the hope-filled message that in Truth we never have left the garden!

Pamela also inspires us through her music. She has composed and recorded music for three albums: Light of the World, and A Course in Miracles Lessons and Text Set to Music Volumes 1 and 2. Light of the World is a mix of upbeat and meditative songs which speak to the truth of who we are. A Course in Miracles Volume 1 is an hour of meditative music set directly to a variety of sections from the text and workbook. A Course in Miracles Volume 2 includes 12 songs of joy, light rock and gospel, also set verbatim to sections from the workbook and Helen Schucman’s (the author of A Course in Miracles) poetry.

Here’s what others have to say about Pamela’s extraordinary music:

  • "This is the lovely blending of the eternal truth of the course and the eternally beautiful voice of Pamela Galadrial. The songs are thoughtful and thought-inspiring, and truly bring the listener one step closer to God." – Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, President, Miracle Distribution Center
  • "Pamela Galadrial adds a new dimension to the experience of "A Course in Miracles" through her unique musical composition and style." – Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. and Dianne V. Circincione, authors of many books on healing and Love
  • "Pamela’s voice truly carries the sweet nectar of the Holy Spirit. Her music nurtures the listener’s soul as it speaks for God." – Susan Trout, Ph.D., author of To See Differently

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