athameWhen selecting your tools of magic, take your time and get ones that really resonate with you. Your tools of magic are an extension of your own magical energies and should be very personal. There are general guidelines for choosing or making your tools of magic, but beyond those there are often designs, colors or shapes that can lend themselves to fit your own personal preferences. Below are guidelines to use when selecting an Athame. The Athame is a magical knife and is the magical tool to use with the Fire element. You will find these guidelines, instructions on how to key your Athame, as well as learn magical ways to use an Athame in our Athame: Fire Tool ebook.

Choosing An Athame
Your first Athame should be a single-edged blade. A double edged blade can be used as an Athame, but is harder to control and thus should be saved for use once you have mastered the skills and techniques. The blade should also be straight as curved edge blades are also difficult to control and are difficult to project the fire energy beams from. Your Athame should also not be a folding knife. It needs to be made of high carbon, nickel alloy or chrome alloy steel as these are best for conducting fire energies. Look also for an Athame that has a full tang. A full tang knife is one that the steel goes all the way through the handle or at least most of the way through the handle. You will also need a sheath for the knife that is made of natural material. Many knives come with a leather sheath and that will work fine. Proper storage of your Athame is important for maintaining keying and protecting it.

Choose a knife that feels comfortable in your hand, that you enjoy holding and that resonates with you. Your athame can be any kind of knife from a kitchen knife to a hunting knife as long as it is not a folding type knife. Pawnshops or hunting stores are often a good source for finding an Athame and online options are also available.

Throughout your magical practice you will be using tools of magic. Make sure you pick ones that you will enjoy using and that are uniquely yours.