The Plate, also known in magical circles as the Shield or Pantacle, is the magical tool of the element Earth. Associated with the direction North, the plate is primarily a tool of protection and healing. Magicians and shamans often use the Plate to protect magical operations, such as divination or spellwork, from outside interference. Plates are also useful for storing magical objects you want to protect, similar to the chalice, and for self protection.

Ideally, Plates should be round in shape to produce the strongest energy vortex and beam, and should be of earth-colored material, which include greens, browns and blacks, or have plant-based designs on them. Ceramic, wood or porcelain Plates work well, as do metal and glass Plates. Avoid Plates that are too heavily carved with designs or patterns, since this can interfere with the Plate’s energy flow and pattern.

As with the Chalice, to key or personalize your Plate for magical use, you’ll need rock salt, non-chlorinated water and a pure cotton cloth. You’ll also need a Firebowl and a spare Chalice. Keying ensures that the energy in your Plate flows in the appropriate direction for protection, healing and spellwork.

A little known fact about the Plate is that it is an important tool for simulacra or “voodoo” type magic. In addition, the Plate is also a “broadcaster,” meaning that you can use it to broadcast certain energies into your environment. To find out more about Plates and how you can use them in magic, check out the Plate Ebook here.