The Chalice is often called the magical tool of the Spirit, since the Chalice is the magical Water tool and Water is the language of the Spirit. Most often used for divination, psychic communication and blessings, the Chalice is also used for protection of sacred objects, self-defense and healing.

The Chalice is associated with the West, and is the tool of feeling, emotion and connection. Goblet-shaped chalices work best, and should have a bowl that is large enough to store small magical objects (storing objects in your keyed chalice keeps them clear of unwanted energies). Chalices should be made of a single material, such as glass, ceramic, silver, pewter or copper. With the Chalice, as with all magical tools, you need to consider the characteristics of the element you’re working with to determine what materials will work. Wood chalices, for instance, don’t work well because wood doesn’t flow Water energies well.

To work with your Chalice, you’ll need some additional items, such as spring water (don’t use chlorinated water, which has some unhealthy energies), rock or sea salt (don’t use iodized salts) and an all natural material in which you can wrap your Chalice. For the most effective use, you’ll also want to “key” your Chalice to personalize it to your own energies and set the Chalice energies rotating in the correct clockwise direction.

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