Basic Magic: Tribal Traditions for a Modern World

basic-magic-tribal-tradition-11-3-15-gallery-300x293Taught as a tribal tradition, magick cannot be fully experienced for the ardent student by books and self-study alone. Thus we have created a modern tribal tradition where magick is a living thing, and the knowledge is transmitted through a mix of online self-study and regular lively dialog and feedback, in the best tribal tradition of oral teaching.

How can you learn magick as a living tradition, adapted to modern life? Simple. Join the modern tribe of magick and experience the miraculous for yourself. The modern tribe of practicing magicians is spread across the globe, connected by invisible yet powerful computerized and networked lines. The magickal knowledge lives in the cloud, accessed anytime and anywhere by members of the tribe. The tribe gathers weekly via teleconference to discuss, bounce ideas, exchange experiences, and learn through the oral tradition of teaching.

The Mechanics of the Tribe

To be a member of the tribe is simple. Anyone is welcome into the tribe who agrees to abide by the Rules of the Road, as inspired by our teacher, Reverend George Dew. To become a member of the tribe is simple:

  • Access full multimedia course materials from the 30 week Basic Magick course online
  • Study and learn at your own pace
  • Bring your experiences, questions, ideas, and thirst for magickal knowledge to a weekly teleconference or online chat. It does not matter where you are in the course. Join the teleconferences or chats from day one or anytime you wish. Some students will be further along in the course material, while you may be ahead of others in your learning. It does not matter. Sharing amongst the members of the tribe, as guided by oral teachings, enriches everyone.
  • Exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn via the oral tribal tradition from G. Alan Joel, co-founder of the Esoteric School. Alan will guide you through the course material, wherever you are, at whatever step you need help. Calling in to the teleconference may have long distance charges according to your phone plan and country you reside in.
  • Access teleconference sessions from the past via recorded audio files posted in the Tribe’s cloud storage system

You will need to purchase or make the following inexpensive items throughout the course:

  • Firebowl
  • Wand (you will make this)
  • Athame (magical knife)
  • Chalice
  • Plate
  • Pendulum
  • Waite-Rider Tarot Deck
  • Wisdom, Protection, and Spellwork Candles
  • Candle Carving Tool
  • Book of Shadows
  • Double-sided steel camping mirror
  • Charcoal incense disks
  • Sage and Pine resin

Policies and Procedures
By ordering this course you are agreeing to the policies and procedures of this course and the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic. Please print a copy for your records.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, simply return them (postmarked within 30 days of the purchase date) and we will credit your account for the full purchase price. We do not refund shipping expenses (if any). Courses can be discontinued and may be partially refunded on an individual basis.

Ready To Join
Pay US$69 per month to access materials and participate in the chat. A minimum commitment of three months is required up front ($207.00). After that, you may come and go from the Tribe as your life allows, stopping and starting your membership as needed, and simply paying US$69 each month that you are active in the Tribe.

Register to Join the Tribe for the initial 3 months at $207.00 by filling out the form below. Then proceed to the payment page to make your registration payment. Within 48 hours you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin the online portion of the class and the days/times and access information for meeting with the tribe. If you are already a registered member and are returning to make a monthly payment to continue your membership, please use the Continuing Student Page. Continuing students do not need to fill out the registration form below again.

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