Basic Magic Course


This 30-week section covers the basics of magic, including practical and useful magical techniques that apply to everyday life. Magic can assist us in everything from getting rid of a pimple to manifesting a new car to stopping controlling people in our environment. The esoteric knowledge in this course is the foundational material of what has historically been taught in most mystery schools.

The course is divided into three sections:

    • Direct handling of the four element energies air, fire, water and earth
    • Use of magical tools, including firebowl, wand, athame, chalice and plate
    • Use of the tarot deck, sonics, and basic




For a general description of magic, visit our FAQs About Magic page. The specific techniques taught in Basic Magic are precise and reliable, since magic is a precision science, and will empower you to:

    • Attract what you want in relationships, prosperity, career and other areas
    • Heal chronic and acute conditions on mental, physical and spiritual levels
    • Directly change ingrained or deeply held beliefs
    • Use rather than be controlled by thoughts, worry, doubt, anger, fear, anxiety, depression or stubbornness
    • See the world and reality in a whole new way of beauty and balance
    • Develop your goals and aims with clarity and strength
    • Use and follow Universal Laws in all that you be and do
Not Sure if Magic is Right For You?
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Rules of the Road

All the techniques taught in this and other courses are governed by Rules of the Road, which are the operations Universal Laws that are always in effect. Knowing and working within the boundaries of Rules of the Road allows magical practitioners to safely perform operations without fear of unwanted side effects. To read more about Rules of the Road, click HERE

What is Magic?

Magic is:

    • The science of deliberate creation.
    • The science of effective prayer.
    • The science of manifesting higher will on the energetic and material planes.
    • The science of heightened awareness, selective perception, and dynamic harmonious relationships.
    • The science and understanding and properly utilizing symbols and tools.
    • An ancient systems of creation and manipulation rather than of coercion and control of others.

Understanding of magic gives us the ability to communicate directly with beings on all levels, and to understand the actual workings of our universe through our own direct experience.

Basic Magic Course Outline


No previous training or experience is needed for this course. It is a “hands on” doing course, in which students learn by actually doing magical techniques and using their own experience. Students are expected to attend class regularly and do the assigned exercises, following directions precisely (magic is a precision science).


Throughout the Course:
Ethics: The use of psychic and magical abilities requires a thorough knowledge and appreciation of universal laws known as Rules of the Road. Although these rules are not generally taught in our society, and we must learn to perceive the “right” and “wrong” of our world in a whole new light.

First 10 Weeks: Direct Handling of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth
The first section of this course deals with the four basic elements, their correspondences, characteristics and interactions. We will learn techniques for handling these energies directly, and adjusting our own and other people’s energetic balances. We will also learn methods for healing, message-sending, divination and self-protection..

Second 10 Weeks: Divination & Using Firebowl, Wand, Athame, Chalice and Plate
The second section deals with basic tools for magical practice, including the firebowl, wand, athame, chalice and plate. We will learn to use each of these tools for psychic house-cleaning, shielding, banishments, healing and message-sending. As things are not always what they appear to be, we will also study numerous forms of divination, which is the obtaining of information not readily available to our five senses, so we can safely plan spells, prayers and rituals. The forms of divination we will study in this section include energy-bowl, chalice, fire-bowl and pendulum.

Third 10 Weeks: Sonics, Tarot and Spellwork
The final section of this course deals with sonics, tarot and spellwork, including prayers and chants. With sonics, we learn to use voices of command and words of power. The tarot portion of the course include the following forms of reading: Celtic Cross, 12 card, progressed and expanded readings, and multiple signifiers. All forms include the use of second cards. Finally, this section teaches the mechanics and principles of spells and prayers for healing, protection, changing conditions and manifesting. Some of these are candle spells, simulacra magic and spell send backs. We learn to design safe and predictable spells to deal with any life situations we may encounter.

You will need to purchase or make the following inexpensive items:

  • Firebowl
  • Wand (you will make this)
  • Athame (magical knife)
  • Chalice
  • Plate
  • Pendulum
  • Waite-Rider Tarot Deck
  • Wisdom, Protection, and Spellwork Candles
  • Candle Carving Tool
  • Book of Shadows
  • Double-sided steel camping mirror
  • Charcoal incense disks
  • Sage and Pine resin

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