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Magic and Shamanism

That’s what we’re about. We are Alan Joel and Stephanie Yeh. Whether you call it magic, magick, majick, wicca, paganism, shamanism or just plain cool, we study, research and teach as much useful knowledge in these areas as we can. We are Alan Joel and Stephanie Yeh, two researchers of the arcane and mystical who founded the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic. Why? So that people from all over the globe can attend a real, if virtual, school dedicated to magic and shamanism.

The aim of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic is to help people create permanent, positive change in their lives through the study of esoteric magical and shamanic knowledge. It doesn’t matter what your esoteric background is, whether you started out with witchcraft, religious studies, spirituality or candle magic, we welcome you. We believe that the Truth is the same, no matter which form you practice. We delight in all manner of shamanic schools and traditions, magical techniques and esoteric ritual.

About Alan Joel

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healer
Alan has been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine for over 25 years, and a practitioner of shamanic healing techniques for over 15 years. He helps clients heal on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – using a variety of traditional Chinese and tribal practices, as well as Edgar Cayce remedies and herbal/flower essence formulas.

Prosperity Abounds

Prosperity Abounds offers a line of organic whole food supplements based on Wild AFA Bluegreen Algae  from New Earth. AFA has been scientifically proven to improve the immune system, attack cancer and virally-infected cells, and improve over 25 health conditions. Prosperity Abounds also offers a home-based financial opportunity.


Practical Magic Coach

Want to learn more about how to use magical and shamanic techniques to manifest your desires? Practical Magic Coaching teaches clients to use a variety of soft magic (meditation, angels, animal totems, visualization) and hard magic (energy handling, sonics, spellwork, and tarot) techniques to improve many aspects of life and work, including career, health, relationships, and prosperity.