Firebowl eBook


This ebook is a basic beginner’s guide to using the Firebowl and covers:

-Basics of Firebowl use (how to light and charge the Firebowl)
-The ingredients to use in a Firebowl or for shamanic smudging
-Using the Firebowl to cleanse yourself, objects and your home
-Use of the Firebowl for divination


Product Description

The Firebowl is one of the most essential magical and shamanic tools. The art and use of the Firebowls is one that has been practiced and taught for centuries, ambulance and is crucial for ritual, pharmacy ceremony, treatment protection, shielding and the creation of sacred space.

With your Firebowl you can:

  • Deflect negative energy
  • Restore your physical, mental and emotional balance
  • Create a peaceful and sacred space
  • Do divination to find lost items or people, or to discover your birth vision



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