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Whether you are a wiccan beginner or an advanced shamanic practitioner, we honor your wisdom and invite you to explore our site. We are a virtual school, which means we don’t teach at any particular physical location and our primary goal is to produce applicable magical and shamanic instruction. While these topics have traditionally been shrouded by the “cloak and dagger” mentality, we offer these materials in a straightforward, no-nonsense style.

Most of our courses cover basic techniques that every magician and shaman needs to know, including the four directions, elemental magic, magical tools, divination, tarot, spellwork, energy healing, psychic communication, out-of-body travel and psychic self-defense. Our courses come in several formats: ebook, multi-media home study and an interactive shamanism Apprenticeship program.

Is Magic Real?

Yes! Magic is very real and has existed as a precise science for thousands of years. Whether you call it magic, magick or majick, it is real. It is the science of deliberate creation. The science of effective prayer. The science of manifesting Higher Will (God’s Will) on the energetic and material planes.

Every single person can learn to do magic. We were ALL born with the talents and abilities that empower us to do magic.

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How to Study Magic

The art and study of magick is a vast study that can take years. In our observation and experience, the best place to begin studying is with the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Because everything in the Universe is composed of the four elements, this study is literally part of everything else you will study in magic.

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Fundamentals of Magic

There are many paths to developing magical and shamanic abilities. At the foundation of all these paths, though, is an understanding of the four elements of magic: air, fire, water and earth. One of the basic tenets of magical studies is that everything in this Universe is made up of some combination of these four elements, and if you understand and know how to work with these elements, you can understand (and create) anything you desire.

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Recent Posts on Magic & Shamanism

Magick to the Rescue Part 5: Stuck or Trapped? How to Think Magickally

Who among us has not been stuck or trapped in a situation that seems impossible to resolve? We wonder how we have managed to paint ourselves into a corner… and if even we figure that out, we still can’t find the solution. No worries! It’s magick to the rescue. One of the best characteristics of using magick while living in the ordinary world is that magick exists on a higher level. That means that seemingly impossible problems are totally solvable by using magick. With magick, there is always a solution, provided you think magickally. One of the best ways to check whether your mind is stuck on the hamster wheel of the “impossible” side of the problem, or whether you’re using a more magickal approach is to go around the Medicine Wheel and check in with the four directions. Winds of the EastOn the Medicine Wheel, the direction East is about thinking, communicating, breathing, meditating, enlightenment, planning, and so on. Magickally, one key thought that comes from the Winds of the East is: “Nothing is impossible with magick. Everything is possible with magick” If you find yourself down in the dumps, go outside, face the direction East, and say aloud in a voice of command, “Winds of the East, please help me remember today that nothing is impossible with magick, and that everything is possible with magick. Thank you in advance for your help.” Pay attention to whether you continue to have hopeless thoughts, or whether new ideas, fresh outlooks, and changed perspectives come your way. Thank the Winds of the East again (using the same procedure) in the...

Magick to the Rescue Part 1: Breaking Down Brick Walls

Does it sometimes seem like no matter how hard you try to achieve some goal in your life, that you keep bashing your head into a brick wall? If so, then you know how frustrating it is to throw every ounce of energy into creating something or achieving something, only to run into a seemingly insurmountable obstacle at every turn. Don’t worry. You are in good company. The “brick wall syndrome” has happened to almost everyone on the planet. Just look around you and you’ll see a bunch of people with bashed in heads and headaches that won’t go away. Luckily, for those who stop banging on that brick wall long enough to consider their options, there is always a wonderful solution: solve the problem at a higher level. Albert Einstein was right when he said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” What’s that higher level? Magick is certainly one of the easiest ways to solve your brick wall problem from a higher level. Using Magick to Break Down Brick Walls There is a simple three step magickal ritual outlined in the following section that will help you understand the nature of your brick wall, and also help you break through that wall (or at least go around the brick wall, which may be a smarter option!). For this ritual, you will need a cold cup of black coffee, a journal and pen, a hematite or Apache Tear stone, and a pendulum (which can be purchased online or in stores that sell magickal items). Step #1: Release Your Frustration Nothing clouds...

Stuck on Your Spiritual Path? No Worries, Try This…

Most of us who have been walking a spiritual path for some time realize that progress along that path is not a smooth ascent. The spiritual path is sometimes smooth, often rocky, and sometimes downright frustrating. The funny thing is, the more frustrated we become about where we are on the spiritual path, the more we learn once we find a way to move forward from that “stuck position.” Why do we get “stuck” on our spiritual path? The answer is easy: We have not yet learned the lesson being offered on that particular spot on the path. Once we learn what is being offered, we will find ourselves moving right along (until, of course, we get stuck again). The frustration occurs, of course, because we can’t learn the lesson being offered if we don’t know what we keep missing in the lesson. Instead, we feel like we are playing a frustrating game of Blindman’s Bluff. Luckily there is a universal bailout to this particular problem. A Bailout for Those Stuck on The Spiritual PathWhile it would be impossible to design a custom bailout for every person’s specific reason for being stuck, there is a very simple generic exercise that will move anyone along the path. This exercise is based on the one thing that all “stuck points” have in common. Every single person stuck on the spiritual path shares one thing in common: he or she has not accepted where they are. Nothing new can enter your experience if you do not first fully accept where you are. New lessons, new experiences, new people… none of these can...

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